Staff Members

Marisa Pepin Slade DVM

Dr. Pepin Slade received her DVM from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio.  She spent her early years growing up in northern Ohio with her family and an assortment of dogs and cats.  She has a deep love for animals and believes that pets serve a very special purpose in people's lives.  Her sister is also a veterinarian and owns and operates a veterinary hospital in Medina, Ohio. She worked previously at a small animal hospital near Toledo, Ohio, and one in Lancaster, Ohio.  Upon moving to Maryland in 1994, she practiced with her husband at the Reisterstown Veterinary Center in Reisterstown,Maryland until leaving to co-found Maryland Relief Veterinary Services L.L.C. in 1998.  

Robert B. Slade DVM

Dr Slade is a 1994 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He obtained his B. A. degree in Biology Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 1990 and was a 1986 graduate of Westminster High School. A life long resident of Carroll County, he grew up on a small farm in outside Manchester complete with Jersey cattle, horses, swine, chickens and, yes, dogs and cats. It is no doubt that he has a love for animals and became a veterinarian. He practiced mixed animal practice at the Reisterstown Veterinary Center in Reisterstown, Maryland from 1994 to 1998 when he and his wife co-founded Maryland Relief Veterinary Services L.L.C..  


Satisfied Customer 
I was a mange-eaten, unwanted doggie who was brought into a vet clinic to be euthanized. Dr. Slade convinced my former owners to allow him to give me another chance in the home of Dr. Slade and Dr. Pepin Slade. Now I get the cadillac treatment! 
Update: Cole, sadly, passed away at 12 years of age. But, he will Never Be Forgotten!


Satisified Customer
I was adopted from a home in southern Pennsylvania. I love my home except when I have to dress up for 4-H animal dressup events. Sometimes, Pumpkin bothers me when she tries to kick me off my favorite sleeping spots.  But, it is a hard life being a spoiled rotten cat.


Satisified Customer
I was rescued from the top of a garage in Hanover, PA.  I am a nervous little kitty but I like being the boss of Sneakers, even though she was there first. I do not like it when I get soft paws put on my front paws, because it changes the balance of power and gives Sneakers the upper hand (or should I say the upper paw). 

Update: Pumpkin was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and has had the cancerous kidney removed. She is doing well currently but her other kidney is not working normally so she is being treated for kidney failure.